Customer Feedback

The following feedback was unsolicited and reflects the genuine feelings of our clients. You are encouraged to contact the clients directly and ask for their recommendations.

The Prosure Group, Inc

As a growing company our biggest challenge is dealing with the scarcity of time. You need time to be able to handle your customer’s needs to build systems and to train people… all in the right way.

That’s why you need partner with capable, competent people to handle important things that you just don’t have the time or expertise to handle. That’s why we have chosen Creative Business Solutions to handle our website and some of our software solutions.

Not only were they able to come in and understand our business and our needs…they came up with great solutions and implemented them quickly with extreme professionalism. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Dave Shick President 813-243-1110

Ideal Computer and Networking Services, Inc

Ideal Computer & Networking Services has been using the custom database since 2004. The database that was created for Ideal Computer & Networking Services has pushed our business to another level.

It gives us the ability to electronically document the jobs and activities we perform, it cuts down paperwork and allows us to provide our customers with prompt service.

As the business needs change so has the database, which is an advantage in the computer consultant industry.

You can’t put a price tag on that! thank you for such a great product and continuing support.

Sherwin Diaz President 813-968-9223

A & T Resources, Inc

In my role as a marketing consultant, I often have to serve as a resource coordinator as well. When my clients have a specific marketing-related need outside my skill set – for instance, web design – I have developed a network of trusted professionals on whom I call for help.

Rob Guidry and his team at Creative Business Solutions came through for me in a big way when we had to design and build a 45-page, database-driven website for a local hospital – and complete the project in less than 60 days.

It’s rare when technology companies commit to timelines, much less deliver on them. CBS not only nailed the launch date; they delivered a high-quality, user-friendly, bug-free website that served as the catalyst for the hospital’s successful transition.

Tom Stauffer Owner/President 813-968-9223

National Mitigation Services, Inc.

Creative Business Solutions of Asheville was very easy to work with and quite responsive to everything I needed - they returned calls quickly, and took great care into the work. The site looks great, and It was only about six months before it started doing really well in the search engines. The success of the website has only gotten better and better - I highly recommend anyone interested in developing a site to talk to CBS.

Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to the increase in traffic from your optimization as well.

Paula M. Owens President 1-800-513-1328

Palm Harbor Trading, Inc

I'd like to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate the job that you and your staff at Creative Business Solutions have done.

The custom design of the PalmHarborTrading.Com web pages and the data base has been completed to my specifications. I appreciate the professionalism and the recommendations from CBS. Your efforts have enabled me to focus on my core business and allowed me to move my business from concept to reality in a few short months. CBS has been very receptive to my request for changes and offered invaluable suggestions. The end product is a website and related database that is versatile and user friendly. It is a product that reflects positively on PalmHarborTrading.Com and of course Creative Business Solutions.

I value our working relationship and look forward to many years of enhancements and growth. Growth both of our association and my business.

Mike Riney President (727) 643-1185

Thread Art

I did not use a database system prior to getting the Referral Tracker software from Creative Business Solutions, unless you count my overflowing filing cabinet with no way of knowing when I should be doing what!

Now I have everything organized, where I actually know when is the right time of the year to contact my clients so I can let them know it is time to more waiting for them to come to me! I am thrilled that I am able to control my income, instead of waiting for it to come to me.

My computer's hard drive was fried, and I was without my computer for 5 days; I had no idea what I was supposed to do without my "What's Cooking" menu on my Referral Tracker Software. Once I got my computer back, I knew exactly what I needed to do!

Before this software came into my life, I only knew that networking was working, but I had no idea that I had received almost $25,000 in referrals in just 14 months from my BNI group. Thank heavens for the Referral Tracker!

Tiffanie Kellog 813-948-7243

Vertical Blind, Ent.

I felt it was important for me to take a few minutes to convey to you how happy we are with the software application you designed for us. My wife and business partner Kim use it on a daily basis.

We felt that you were very thorough during your interviewing process. You learned exactly how we do business and what our business processes are. By taking the time to find out who we are, what we do and how we do it you were able to solve our problem accurately and convey to us that you knew what you were doing.

The application that you designed has saved us valuable time and given us the comfort of accuracy. Kim now has time to work on other areas of our business that she did not have the time to give to before. The new process of calculating and creating work tickets for the manufacturing floor is simple and now we have permanent electronic records of everything we do for our customers. We will, without delay, refer you to anyone we come across who can benefit from your services.

Ricky Spencer President 813-968-4468

Wes Fry Masonry

Wes Fry Masonry has been using a data base designed by Creative Business Solutions since May of 2005. It replaced a manual system composed of books and ledgers that had grown out of proportion.

Now that we are on the new data base, stocking houses is done in a matter of minutes instead of hours. We are able to track a job from conception to completion and have all the information in front of us with a click of the mouse. We have more information about each house than we ever thought was possible.

We would have never been able to grow to the size we are, with all the data we have at hand without increasing our work force. We thank Creative Business Solutions for making our work a lot easier to manage and our work load a lot lighter.

Keith Fry 813-265-3594

Educated Financial Solutions, Inc

Creative Business Solutions was exactly the answer to my business needs. The gentleman that worked with us provided the exact solutions for my complicated database requirements. He worked tirelessly with me to understand my business then implemented a technology solution that works far beyond my expectations. Even when things became rocky he provided options and scenario to help me get to the results that satisfied me. Now that we’ve established a solid business relationship I’ve trusted Creative Business Solutions with other projects that are equally as important to the development of my business such as our website. It feels good having a company such as this one on my team helping to grow my business.

Antwan Lane Vice President 877-977-3374

Business Greetings, Inc./Candlelight Invitations

Last September I decided to change website hosts to save money, as the old host was charging twice as much and had difficulty in updating the website. I found I was not getting any hits off the site at all.

When I asked the original host to transfer the necessary information to the new host, I was first ignored and then politely put off. Three months later I was still being given excuses why they haven't supplied the information. Then after a little more research we found that not only were they not supplying the info needed but their website expert bought my domain name in his name not mine. When I made the host aware of my findings I received no response at all, three weeks later the individual calls like this is no big deal and states that my contract is up very shortly and wanted to know what I wanted to do so they do not cut me off!!! They were still not able to deliver the information I had requested.

Creative Business Solutions to the rescue, - Within 24-48 hours they had a similar domain purchased in my name, and my website up and running, with a new design, so that I experienced no down time WHAT SO EVER!!! Since that time I have already started to receive orders from individuals who have easily found me on the internet. Which never happened before - they really know their business

Karen Harrington President 813-908-7141

Tailor's Touch and More...

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the patience, time and professionalism that was dedicated to designing and hosting my corporate website. As with any business, finding the right look and feel is critical to delivering ongoing customer interest and satisfaction over the web. You have certainly exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with you to continue to drive more business to our site.

Nick Harjani President

Temple Terrace Pony Baseball

I would like to thank you for all your help over the past 2-3 years. Our league was behind the times in comparison to our sister Pony parks. With your help we have been able to reach out to many of our loyal friends and families.

Our website has been one of the best tools we have added to the park since 1992. We are now able to keep everyone more current with schedule changes and the latest announcements. None of this would have been possible without your help in understanding what was best for our park. Keeping it simple and easy to follow was our number one goal.

Our other issue was being able to make changes quickly. You have been there to ensure that those changes were always made within 24 hours. That’s better than what we would have originally expected. You and your company have far exceeded our expectations and I’m sure that you give the same level of support to every one of your customers. We have always felt like one of your best.

On another note, North Carolina Pony Baseball has adopted a lot of our application in their own state website. They liked our approach and commended our park. Temple Terrace has always been perceived lesser quality in regards to caliber of ball and improvements being made. Investments in time and money have increased dramatically over the past 2-3 years in improving our park. We are very happy to have teamed up with CBS and plan to continue a very long and happy relationship.

Scott Endris President 813-293-0866

West CE Providers

"Creative Business Solutions is great to work with. They got my website up and running within a week of finalizing my needs. They also answered all my questions in laymen's terms and with a even level tone."

Lena West President

Eric Frantz Realtor

I wanted to say thanks for the excellent work your company has done on my websites. Your knowledge of web design and business sense is a hard to find combination in the market place today.

I've had an overwhelming positive response to the new sites. They say WOW did you do that, I say no it's CBS of Asheville.

Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to the increase in traffic from your optimization as well.

Eric Frantz President 813-242-7959